Saint Cecilia Soda

Zero Sugar.  Zero Calories. Zero Sodium. Zero Carbs

100% Delicious


Daytripper: a bright, sunny effervescent citrus blend with breakthrough tones of pink grapefruit and blood orange. Perfect for quenching your thirst and your wanderlust. 
Made with Love in Austin, Texas.

Our refreshing history:

St. Cecilia Soda Company is a small, women-owned soda company committed to creating flavorful, crisp, refreshing sparkling waters carefully curated to leave your mouth happy! Our sodas are perfect served ice cold all on their own and also make a premium mixer for your favorite libation without the sugar!
Named after the Patron Saint of Music, St. Cecilia Soda Company is an ode to our beginnings in the Live Music Industry and the city we love. 

Much like how we see Austin, SCSC is rooted with the idea that authenticity, fun and a whole lotta love make everything better. Especially our sodas!

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The Women Behind SCSC

 Sometimes the world is on fire and you just gotta figure it out.

When our industry and company grinded to a halt in the Spring of 2020, our days managing projects and events morphed into homeschooling our three kiddos. Suddenly out of a job, we knew we needed to pivot. This is when the seeds were planted for St. Cecilia Soda Company.

Thank you for supporting a small, Women-Owned business!

Tania and Beebe

Our tribe:

“It’s like sunshine in my mouth!” -a happy customer
a Bright, sunny, effervescent citrus blend of Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit and Lemon. Perfect for quenching your thirst and your wanderlust. Made with Love in Austin, Texas.
Ingredients: filtered Texas water, organic blood orange flavor, organic pink grapefruit flavor, lemon flavor, citric acid

Small Batch. Gluten Free. Zero Sugar. No Carbs. Non GMO. All Natural. WOMEN-OWNED!

Best Friends, Biznass Partners, Grateful Mamas to Max, Rêve and Jack, lifelong Daytrippers

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